Caitlyn is a fifteen-year-old girl whose world is changing.  Her mother and  stepfather are expecting a  baby together after years of infertility, and Caitlyn, who was herself “accidentally” conceived while her mother was in college, worries about her new role in the family.   She’s also been growing apart from her best friend, Ashley, ever since Ashley found a steady boyfriend.  When Caitlyn is introduced to Tyler, it seems that he is the perfect match for her  -- handsome, sweet, and desperately in love with her, he sweeps her off her feet.  But Tyler has another side – one that’s jealous and controlling, and which draws Caitlyn further away from her family and friends, and, ultimately, herself.  


There are many people I need to thank for helping me conceive this book! 


My parents, Vi and Craig Peters, who inspired questioning and creativity, and began reading to me as soon as I was born.  My sister, Laurel Humphrey, who once sent me a book about a polar bear and said “you can write WAY better than this!”, and her husband, Neil, who fixed my HTML issues... 


My husband, Randy Straeten, who didn’t always understand what I was trying to say, but was proud of me anyway.  Also his sister, Tracy Hunt, who explained to me the process of getting a belly ring.


The many wonderful Language Arts teachers I had over the years, and specifically Mrs. Schiedel, Mr. Tulloch, Mrs. Howes-Jones, Ms. Kingston, and Mr. Pepall—each of them contributed to my development as a writer, and as a person, in significant ways, and I try to model my own teaching on theirs.  I also want to give a little “shout-out” to my high school principal, Robert Chilton, who you can read about on my “Author” page, and Mr. Sawers, the most dynamic French teacher I ever had.


My friend, Kirsten Koza, proved to me that it could be done, and the 2005/06 grade 7 and 8 classes at BPS told me how it should be done.  Special thanks to Erin B, who gave me honest fifteen-year-old opinions.


Thanks also to all the friends who got me through my own teenage dramas, and the ones who have been there for me during my adult ones…you know who you are.


And, last but not least (yikes!  I used a cliché! ) thanks to everyone at Lobster Press who believed in me, and in Painting Caitlyn.  Special thanks to Publisher Alison Fripp, Editor, Meghan Nolan,  Marketing and Sales Manager Stephanie Hindley, and Production Manager/Designer Tammy Desnoyer who designed the book’s amazing cover.

Canadian booksellers:

manticore books

Shortlisted, BC Teen Readers’ Award (Stellar Award) (2009).


Selected, International Reading Association "Young Adults’ Choices" Reading List (2008)


Selected, American Library Association "Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers" (2007)


Winner, Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario Writer’s Award:  Women’s Program 2007.

"... this is more than just a simple problem novel. The characters ... are drawn with real complexity ..." -
Booklist, Sept. 2006

"This novel's strength is in its perfectly-paced first-person narration ... High marks for handling the difficult topic of abusive relationships without patronizing the reader ... very fulfilling read." -, Sept. 2006

”…a provocative story with an important message.” ~
CM: Canadian Review of Materials, Sept. 2006


"Peters clearly has her finger on the pulse of teenage dating behavior, and has written an excellent book for any girl who falls prey to a boyfriend's abusive behavior." - School Library Journal, Sept. 2006

"This is a carefully written book with an important message for young women." - The Record, Oct. 2006

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