About Me

My name is Kimberly Joy Peters.  I was born in Brantford, Ontario, and lived in nearby Paris, Ontario until I was ten years old.   I have one sister, Laurel, who is just thirteen months older than me.  I drove her crazy.  She liked to play games, I always wanted to read.  Some of my favourite young adult authors were Lois Lowry, Judy Blume,  Zibby O’Neal and Lois Duncan.   I dedicated this book to my sister partly to make up for all those times I didn’t want to play Monopoly, but also because she is a strong, independent woman whom I admire. 


I spent my teenage years in Kitchener, Ontario.  One summer at the end of high school, I received a bursary from the Government of Canada to spend six weeks in Quebec, learning French.  The program was “fantastique” .  When I got back from Quebec, I attended the University of Waterloo, where I graduated from the English, Rhetoric, and Professional Writing Program (I’m still not sure what that qualifies me for).  I also did a minor in French.   


As an adult, I married my husband, Randy, and moved to a small community in Central Ontario.  After a few years of doing odd jobs, I went back to school at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where I earned my Bachelor of Education (“teacher’s qualifications”).  I currently work as a French and Art teacher for the Durham District School Board.  Some of you are already thinking that makes me boring, but I really try very hard to do a good job.  

Like Caitlyn, I enjoy art, and I love goldfish.  I had one fish who lived for twelve years, and my current pond fish, Dasher and Blitzen, are almost five.


Like Ashley, animals have always been very important to me.  I spend a lot of time with my dog, Spencer. 


Although I never appreciated sports when I was young, I have learned to scuba dive and snowblade as an adult.   Maybe I’m just trying to recapture my lost youth


Did you notice that the “Links” picture on the homepage has an island in it?  My cottage is on that island!


See below for more info on my pets, and my thoughts on writing.

About Writing

Writing has always come very easily to me.  I suspect that it has something to do with reading a lot, as well as my family’s Irish heritage, and their love of storytelling.  Unfortunately, I somehow grew up with this crazy notion that great things are only achieved through hard work —blood, sweat, tears, that sort of thing — so I never really considered myself a “good” writer until one day in high school, when my principal stopped me in the hall.  Now, I know you’re thinking that principals of high schools with 2000 students don’t stop anyone unless they are in real trouble—I thought that, too—but it turned out that my English teacher, Chris Kingston, had shared my current events journals with him, and this principal, Robert Chilton (whose son later went on to write the bestseller The Wealthy Barber ), was impressed enough to stop me in the hall and tell me that I had a real talent for writing, and I should do something with it.    Teenagers never listen, though, do they?  So I went to university, and enrolled in Sociology...for about a week.  Then I switched to English (see above) because I wanted to try the co-op program and make $500 a week at a cool job like my boyfriend.   I never got $500 a week, (because I wasn’t a math major) but I did end up with some neat jobs, including working at the Metropolitan Toronto Police Museum (where I got to write a lot of the information still on display today) and  OWL and Chickadee magazines.   While I was at the Police Museum, my boss mentioned that she was entering the Toronto Star Short Story Contest .   Back then, first prize was $10,000 so I decided to enter, too!  I didn’t win that year, but I made it an annual ritual to write one story during the Christmas holidays so I could enter by January 1st every year.  Finally, in 2000, on the day I graduated from teacher’s college, I found out I was a “runner-up” - I’d placed in the top ten, out of more than 2500 entries.  I only won $200, but seeing my story in print was a major thrill.

It was after that that I decided I should start working on a story idea I’d had for a long time—one about a challenging teenage relationship.  I wrote about forty pages.  And then I stopped.  I just didn’t think publishers accepted books from average people.  Then my good friend Kirsten Koza wrote a book about her experiences at summer camp when she was eleven years old—and a publisher accepted it!  Seeing that someone I knew could write a book and get it published gave me new motivation.  I finished Painting Caitlyn, sent it to Lobster Press, and they called me back a month later.  The moral of the story is this:  TRUST YOURSELF! 



In Memorium

When my best friend Honey died, I was broken-hearted.  She’s the dog described on the back of Painting Caitlyn, and pictured on the front page  of this website.  She’s the dog who was the ring-bearer at my wedding, my teddy-bear at night, and the reason I got up and walked around the block every morning.  She was almost fourteen years old.


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January, 2009

I am sad to report that Sam, who came to me just three years ago when his first family moved to New Zealand,  has passed away as a result of kidney failure, at age 19.   Because he was already so old when I adopted him, many people tried to warn me that I was making a mistake—he’d die too soon, I’d be too sad.  I am sad, but I’m so happy he was able to enjoy his retirement with me.  A great friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful song called “We are Each Others ‘ Angels”, by Chuck Brodsky, which talks about how we “meet when it is time”.  Sam and I found each other when it was right for us.

Spencer Orea Straeten (S.O.S!) is a Border Collie/Lab cross, which means he’s either a BLAB, or a Lollie Pup.  We found each other through Petfinder.com,

The Majikal Mister Mistoffelees akaMajik” and “The Great Catsby”, adopted in December, 2009, from Toronto Cat Rescue.  As you can see, he is interested in books and art!

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Dasher and Blitzen, from my backyard pond.