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Read Maybe Never, Maybe Now with it’s COMPANION NOVEL, Definitely Not Camelot

Maybe Never, Maybe Now

Huge thank you to the fans, who care so much about Caitlyn and kept asking for more—I hope you I did justice with the rest of her story!


Thanks also to the folks at Lobster Press who believed in me, and who kept it professional when I was really, really, annoying them.


Special thanks also to Shelby, who served as a hand model in my book trailer photos!

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Grade 8–11—This sequel to Painting Caitlyn (Lobster, 2006) is about the emotional journey of healing and forgiveness.... The teen's voice is authentic and heart-wrenching as Peters accurately portrays the emotional trauma victims of abuse often face. Though this is a sequel, it can be read independently and is a good recommendation for reluctant readers and teens struggling with emotional pain.— School Library Journal, Kimberly Garnick Giarratano, Rockaway Township Public Library, NJ

"In this follow-up to Painting Caitlyn, the title character, now in eleventh grade, remains haunted by her abusive relationship with her first boyfriend, Tyler ... [Conner's] move from best friend to best kisser creates a sweet, satisfying romance. Caitlyn’s traumatic experiences with Tyler are never trivialized, and Peters adds more emotional conflict with the reappearance of Caitlyn’s long-absent dad ... Romance readers will enjoy both the sobering plot lines and the more light-hearted scenes in which Caitlyn consults horoscopes, charms, and stars for guidance." – Booklist, Sept. 2010

“readers will delight in watching [Caitlyn] emerge from the harrowing events of her recent past and test her wings. The story is told in a very forthright and straightforward manner, making it readily accessible and its intended message easily identifiable...Caitlyn's reliance on external signs to make her decisions for her rings true...Learning to believe in oneself and to make wise, well thought out decisions is an important part of any teen's maturation process so readers will understand Caitlyn's insecurities and her reliance on everything from horoscopes to mood rings to provide guidance and external validation.” ~CM Magazine 




Maybe Never, Maybe Now, is a sequel to  Painting Caitlyn.   It’s also a companion book to Definitely Not Camelot because both books take place during the same time period!


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Caitlyn is ready for eleventh grade to begin, and ready to forget about last year when she got caught up in an abusive relationship with Tyler.  Since breaking free of Tyler’s grip, Caitlyn can’t help but put up a wall to protect herself so she doesn’t get hurt that way again. When an opportunity to go on a student exchange trip arises, Caitlyn wonders if
this is her chance for a fresh start.

But soon after her departure, she realizes that the future is so full of uncertainties that old fears and insecurities start to creep back in. As she embarks on a new romance, a figure from her past tries to make amends. Can Caitlyn find it within herself to trust again?

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