Definitely NOT Camelot is the sequel to Posing as Ashley.   It’s also a companion book to Maybe Never, Maybe Now, because both books take place during the same time period!


“Did you hear that Brandon dumped her?” “No, but I heard she did some topless modeling over the summer ...”


It’s only the first day of eleventh grade and Ashley’s already generating a semester’s worth of buzz. And not the good kind. To make matters worse,her mother’s  toxic chemo treatments for breast cancer mean she won’t be able escape to Quebec City on the exchange trip she had been looking forward to. And oh yeah, her best friend Caitlyn goes on the trip in her place.


Alone without her loyal pal or her once-devoted boyfriend, Ashley braves wagging tongues at school and becomes determined to live life to the fullest, no matter what. In her quest to take more risks, Ashley agrees to take part in the  school’s big production of Camelot, where she finds new friends and love interests, in addition to a dangerous habit. As her world quickly spins out of control, will Ashley be able to keep it together and live the life she dreams about, or will she succumb to a reality that is definitely not Camelot??




Definitely Not CamelotOne time period….
two girls…
two locations…
two stories…
two great books…
too good to be true!

Read Definitely Not Camelot  with it’s COMPANION NOVEL, Maybe Never, Maybe Now

Oliver-Henry, the cat who hung out on my desk as I started this book, but who went missing in the middle of the first draft, delayed its completion as I searched and grieved for him, but probably also helped me tap into Ashley’s feelings of helplessness and despair.   Thanks buddy, I wish you were still here, but hope you are living happily with someone else.


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